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If you’ve recently passed your driving test, first of all the team at Atherley Garage would like to extend its congratulations! It’s a fantastic accomplishment, and we’re here to support you should you require any of our garage services to stay safely on the road – whether in the form of car servicing, repairs or MOT testing. It’s this latter service we’ve looked to focus on today, considering what new-to-the-road Southampton drivers should know about the MOT.

But if you’ve found this page while looking for a place to book MOT testing, the below may be less relevant for you. So cut right to the chase by calling our Southampton based car mechanics on 02380 631 861. We’ll be able to schedule you in an appointment time that’s convenient and based around your busy schedule.

MOT Testing Explained for First Timers

First things first, if your vehicle rolled off the manufacture line less than three years ago, you don’t need to worry about MOT testing. Enjoy the grace period! Another thing that’s useful to know, is that you can book an MOT up to a month before it’s due, and benefit from 13 months of coverage – e.g your month of left over coverage will not be eaten up. This measure is in place to avoid punishing motorists in Southampton and the wider UK who choose to get it sorted early.

To the test itself… Around 2 in 5 tests fail first time round, often for very minor issues that are quick to rectify. Five of the most common reasons that Southampton motorists fail MOT testing off the bat are:

• Screen wash not being topped up
• A registration plate having the incorrect typeface or spacing, or being so dirty it can’t be read
• Windscreen stickers partially blocking driver’s view of the road
• Illuminated warning lights on dashboard
• A dirty car full of clutter; they must be cleared out to allow for our team to properly inspect it

If you do fail MOT testing and remedial work or mechanical repairs are conducted by our mechanics, then you will be able to claim a free re-test. But to reduce the likelihood that you fail, we recommend that all Southampton clients ensure that they are up-to-date with their car servicing history, and see to any niggling issues with headlights and indicators, handbrakes, seats and seatbelts, wipers, suspension, horn, exhaust, fuel or engine oil.

Problems with these various components can all lead to automatic failure of MOT testing, and they’re unlikely to get passed our experienced, qualified testers! So get on top of it to save some time, and ensure you can drive away with a full year’s of coverage locked in.

To book in MOT testing with our Southampton based car mechanics, call Atherley Garage on 02380 631 861. Our prices are competitive, and our standard of service unrivalled.

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