Car Servicing in Southampton and Shirley | What you Need to Know

Like MOT testing, car servicing plays a vital role in maintaining the safety and lifespan of your vehicle. Located in Shirley, and covering the Southampton and Hampshire areas, we use car servicing as an in-depth analysis of overall vehicle health. During MOT testing, the inspector doesn’t disassemble individual parts. Full car servicing is very much the opposite.

During a full service, mechanics provide a detailed inspection of key vehicle components. By finding faults at the earliest stage, our Shirley and Southampton customers save money on the potential cost of long-term car repairs. Car servicing is an excellent example of preventative maintenance and something we strongly recommend to Hampshire motorists.

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What is Car Servicing?

We offer two types of car servicing to valued customers in Shirley and the surrounding Southampton area:

• Interim Service – Carried out every 6 months or after 6,000 miles.
• Full Service – Carried out every 12 months or after 12,000 miles.

As the name suggests, interim car servicing is the less comprehensive of the two. It is more of a basic oil and filter change between the detailed inspections of two full services. During interim car servicing, our mechanics check the follow areas and components of vehicles:

  • Anti-Freeze Coolant

  • Battery Condition

  • Brake Fluid

  • Charging System

  • Exhaust System

  • Full Brake Check

  • Lights

  • Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Shock Absorbers Check

  • Steering Check

  • Suspension Check

  • Tyre Tread and Pressure

  • Windscreen Wash and Wipers

In addition to the above, Shirley and Southampton customers booking in for full car servicing receive checks on:

Car servicing sometimes uncovers problems. Minor issues come with a recommendation to have them fixed as soon as possible before they become major safety issues, not just for you but for other drivers and pedestrians in Shirley, Southampton and the Hampshire area. In regards to major issues, we strongly advise having them fixed immediately. We are more than happy to carry out these car repairs at our workshop, with your permission.

When car servicing is complete, Atherley Garage stamps the vehicle’s service book to confirm that, after that car service, the vehicle was in full working order. This helps the owner to maintain a full service history, and maintains the vehicle’s potential resale value.

For more information on car servicing in Shirley and Southampton, call Atherley Garage on 02380 631861.

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Atherley Garage, established in 1978, specialises in the delivery of first-class service and professional workmanship to local motorists in Shirley, Southampton and the surrounding areas. From fixed-price car servicing to modern engine diagnostics, our company performs scheduled and responsive maintenance work that detects problems at the earliest possible opportunity, and saves our customers money on the future cost of car repairs.