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Many around Shirley dread the date, looking forward to car servicing in the same way most look forward to dental check-ups. But there are many reasons why visiting car mechanics for this essential maintenance procedure needn’t be a such a chore.

That’s the subject of today’s blog, running over the reasons why car servicing is seen as such an important aspect of vehicle maintenance. The aim is that by communicating the many benefits it affords, the next time you visit our car mechanics near Shirley (Atherley Garage is over in nearby Southampton), you’ll be filled with a sense of satisfaction.

If the reason you dread car servicing is you think you’re paying too much, or the standard of service you receive is sub-par, why not book your next appointment with us? As an independent garage with a rich history dating back to the 70s, we take great pride in delivering affordable, high quality garage services / vehicle services, with an emphasis placed upon honesty and transparency.

The Importance of Regular Car Servicing

Safety First – Car servicing is one of the few opportunities you get each year for trained car mechanics to look over your vehicle; the only other is MOT testing. Emerging issues can be caught and nipped in the bud, e.g a worn component that is at risk of breaking mid-journey could be repaired or replaced.

Reduce Repair Costs – Being proactive and finding emerging issues doesn’t just help keep you safe, it can save you on repair costs. Both core aspects of the service and inspections that identify minor remedial work are preferable to replacing a major component, which even at the more competitively priced garages, can set you back a pretty penny.

Fuel Economy – Another reason to ensure you book in interim and full services with reputable car mechanics is that they can improve fuel economy. A poorly maintained vehicle is typically less responsive and gets less miles to the gallon. This makes the service an extremely economical investment, which ensures you don’t pay more when visiting forecourts in and around the Shirley area.

Protect Investment – Most Shirley motorists, once they’ve finished using their current vehicle and want to move onto something a bit different, choose to sell or trade in old faithful. How much you get in cash or credit will be tied to the condition you’ve kept it in. A history of servicing (our car mechanics will stamp your service book each time you visit), can help you leverage a fairer price for your old vehicle.

Insurance – Some insurance providers will insist upon regular car servicing in order for your policy to remain valid. Suffering an accident that isn’t your fault, then not being able to claim due to missing a car servicing appointment, is hardly an ideal circumstance!

In the Shirley area and wish to book in a service with our seasoned car mechanics? Pick up the phone and call Atherley Garage on 02380 631 861.

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Atherley Garage, established in 1978, specialises in the delivery of first-class service and professional workmanship to local motorists in Shirley, Southampton and the surrounding areas. From fixed-price car servicing to modern engine diagnostics, our company performs scheduled and responsive maintenance work that detects problems at the earliest possible opportunity, and saves our customers money on the future cost of car repairs.